Five rationality of transport proposal

    1, reasonable transportation of production and marketing.

    partition sales reasonable transportation is through the moving company telephone organization's logistics activities in Shijiazhuang, on certain types of goods, its production area in certain consumer. Distribution according to production and sales, and traffic conditions, based on the equilibrium between production and sales, according to produce nearly pins principles, will bring the least amount of mileage, organized transport of goods. It of applies range, main is on varieties single, and specifications simple, and production concentrated, and consumption dispersed, or production dispersed, and consumption concentrated, transportation volume big of goods, as coal, and wood, and cement, and food, and pig, and mine built material or production technology not is complex, raw materials not is shortage of low value products, implemented this a approach, for strengthening produced, and for, and shipped, and PIN of planned, elimination had far, and roundabout, and convection, not reasonable transport, full using place resources, promote production reasonable layout, reduced logistics costs, save national transport force, Has a very important meaning.

    at the time of exercise equilibrium between production and sales, transport, should be based on changes in the market situation, flexible. Especially in the period of China's economic reforms, in order to open, enlivening, between regions, between lateral economic ties were strengthened, collaborative materials and free procurement of goods is increasing, there may not be a reasonable transport. In the case of shortage of certain goods, shortages, as well as Exchange and regulate supply and demand, in order to develop production and booming market is inevitable.

    2, direct transport.

    direct transport, is in the Organization of cargo transportation process across the business, material warehouses, transport links or railway transit links, shipped directly from the origin or the origin of the goods to the PIN or user to reduce intermediate links. The means of production, due to the large volume of certain goods or bulky, usually supplied directly by the production factories, consumption units (production and consumption), the implementation of direct transport, such as coal, steel, building materials, etc. In the commercial sector, according to the different product, different means of transport. Some simple variety of goods can be supplied directly by the production plant to the three-tier wholesale, large store or user, across two wholesale site links, such as paper, SOAP, etc; also some product specifications and color is more complex, can be supplied by the factory to wholesale, and wholesale distribution to retail stores or users. As to the foreign trade sector, take a more direct transport for export commodities from origin to port approaches. In recent years, with the reform of the economic system, raised in circulation "multi-channel, few links" since the grass-roots level, shop direct increasingly large purchases, free purchase, has gradually increased the proportion of direct transport, logistics link created the conditions.

    3, "four on" the direct transport.

    "four" direct transport refers to the commercial, wholesale business, in the Organization of transportation of goods, for goods produced locally or from overseas arrived, not into a wholesale warehouse, take a direct approach, directly allocated to the city's primary goods wholesale, retail store or user, reduce intermediate links. Its specific methods are: (1) direct allocation of goods by the factory; (2) station (Terminal) direct allocation (3) direct allocation (4) truck (ship) overload.

    "four" direct and direct transport is reasonable transport of two different forms, they are distinct and are linked. Direct transport refers to transport mileage is far larger, bulk, to the province (area) for goods shipped outside; " Four "direct transport refers to transport near mileage, small batch, wholesale depot site in large and medium cities to handle direct shipping business.

    both are complementary and often intertwined. In parallel with the implementation of direct transport and then "plant", "stand" direct-dial phones, you can receive double benefits.

    4, vehicle transport.

    combination vehicle transport, also known as "partial shipments are LTL spell vehicle transit." It is mainly used in commercial, marketing and other departments of general cargo transport. That logistics enterprise in organization railway freight among, by same shipping people will different varieties sent to same station, and same consignee of LTL checked goods, by logistics enterprise himself group distribution in a vehicles within, to whole car transport of way, checked to destination; or put same direction different station of LTL goods, concentrated group distribution in a vehicles within, shipped to a appropriate of station, then again transit points shipped. This is because, in railway freight transport, there are two kinds of shipping methods, one car, one less-than-truckload, freight rates varied widely between the two. Take a combination vehicle approach, part can reduce transportation costs and saving labor.

    5, improving technical capacity.

    improve the technical load, is the important content of organized transport efficient transport. On one hand it is best use of vessel tonnage on the other, is full use of vessel loading volume.

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