Moving articles to collate and mahogany furniture removal considerations

    finishing tips

    move is extremely tedious, ready to work first of all we want to prepare several bags, cardboard boxes and a roll of self adhesive tape. Phone alternative, find professionals to do your own is not easy to move.

    1. first bring home items categorized in mind, such as clothes, blankets, socks, a category, this category can be mixed in the bag. Which do not usually use clean before packing, such as: books, out of season clothing, not used for food or decorations.

    2. at a time for one of a kind items boxed arrangement. Will forget something in the box, so items should not be mixed in with the packing slip.

    3. weights small box, big Zoom box. Heavy objects like books, and other speakers, if loaded large boxes when handling will be very hard, it fit into a small box.

    4. names, object names, numbered callouts out of the carton. Packing is complete, please be sure to put your name marked on the outside of the box, or tying a cloth or something knew your stuff, a box of a box in the province through your name! Best table name column also labeled, so as not to forget what the box is filled with love. Meanwhile, outside the box number, whether immediately after handling and moving the box missing.

    5. packing do not have gaps. If there are gaps in the box, in the box moves, and cause breakage. If you don't watch out there are gaps, to newspapers as a buffer for fixed items in the box. Preferably one who can carry the weight of the box, cardboard box not too much so as not to move.

    6. be careful not to put too much too full. Loading box is easily deformed, may cause damage in the box, in addition, in the stack of boxes may collapse due to imbalance, which is very dangerous.

    7. loose goods packing by large, heavy, start in, top half should be put light items. Threw the handling time is generally used, so be sure to seal tight box, especially on heavy box at the bottom to determine the prison (letter box best Scotch tape, adhesive force, also difficult to fault).

    8. bedding, pillows and other bedding folded large cloth bags or large plastic bag on the direct, pull tight seal, no large bags, you can use old sheets packages. Inside the shroud not breakable, so as not to accidentally broke. You can also buy a few compression bags, online shopping 8 also sent about 30 pieces of big air, big supermarkets are also for sale. Like down jackets, thick quilts which can save a lot of space.

    9. everyday goods together, such as supplies, textbooks, stationery and fine crushing Shu and other supplies, in carton marked marked to identify. Cleaning cloths, dish cloths, cleaners and other cleaning supplies, packaging, in order to lay the new can be used after.

    10. moving day dress with safe and convenient as a criterion, it is best to wear long sleeves and long pants, do not wear dresses, do not wear slippers, sandals and high heels so as not to scratch or sprain.

    11. Please bring their own valuables, such as Money, jewelry, identity cards, bank cards, do not pack into the box, be sure to bring their own.

    12. plants, pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please bring your own.

    handling considerations for mahogany furniture

    mahogany furniture is furniture made of precious wood, hard texture, it is more expensive. Whether it is moving or one room to another room, collision accidentally makes furniture wear and cause deformation or damage the furniture. So, whether we are moving house or room transfer, we recommend that you find a professional moving company moving, so as not to hit, Ke bad.

    handling front:

    1, removing any adjustable wood clapboard and glass, to wrap them, to ensure that the furniture moved during handling will not be jeopardised.

    2, in order to avoid in the process of moving to carry the furniture caused deformation, touch off, paint, scratches, wear, do not slide on the ground, dragging furniture.

    3, with padding or foam to protect the corners of furniture, highlights, as well as handle.

    4, moving to carry the TV cabinet, wardrobe combination plate that can be divided into several parts, such as rosewood furniture, please send them to reduce weight, easy handling.


    Chair: move the Chair cannot move arm must move miniatures, Tenon and the weakest of the arm, could not resist the weight of the whole Chair.

    table: move cannot move the desk carved parts of the fragile, if it is a stone table, the best face lift and stacking, to lower the center of gravity.

   : a moving Cabinet must pin the door pin, locking drawers, use a pad or blanket on top, gently tie, protecting furniture cabinet doors and drawers, so that during transport because tilt and dump it out, broken. Move Cabinet people, a moving Cabinet top, another person carrying foot, roll the Cabinet, at a 45 ° angle with the ground. This is more labor-saving, easy to March through, more security.

    ocean's bed, canopy bed: you should remove screen, shelves, put it on the bed, tied up and then moved.

    Strip case moving, hands should be placed on both sides of the plate, must not be placed at the ends of the head Board. Antique furniture head Board is in a weak position. Ming until the middle of the ancient furniture is no head Board, coupled with head Board only after the middle period of Ming dynasty, it only with a small dowel with the dental lamina connects, a plate will fall.

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