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    decorating done, circulated to decoration pollution gas, people will leave the House vacant for a period of time, commonly known as the drying room. Formaldehyde faster in the summer, drying time can be shorter? although the continuous high temperature makes people feel lazy, but under renovation the owners moved into the new House's mood is very urgent, recently from time readers have to consult drying room in summer time issues. Insiders pointed out that, looking for a reasonable period of time travel to a new House, it was decoration after the owners have to do homework. Here are some knowledge for your reference

    1, half of those surveyed believe that dry for at least three months

    on drying time, all wary of the new House is not without reason. User reminder, I had a friend of mine married time, newly renovated house available, results found after pregnancy the fetus is abnormal. Decoration pollution users also give you charges one count: decorate the House immediately admitted his young leadership and dyeing terminal illness.

    2, governance experts say dry years is not too long

    "If without any processing of the newly renovated rooms, dry years is not too long!" Specialize in indoor environment control of a corporate boss is very safe to say. Zhihou, reporters from two other environmental governance has also received the same answer company's staff.

    they explained, General to new decoration of house inside to do detection, especially summer to do detection (summer harmful gas distributed speed more fast), detection results is almost each households family of House formaldehyde content are exceeded (China national standards bedroom air in the formaldehyde of health standard provides: indoor air in the formaldehyde of highest allows concentration for 0.08 mg/cubic metres, over has staying on will on human harmful), Most of the new standards of indoor formaldehyde content exceeds the State limit of 2-3, and in serious cases may even exceed more than 20 times.

    newly renovated room in the main hazardous substance is formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds. Formaldehyde from artificial plate and glue, benzene comes mainly from the paint. So, including the finished furniture sheet and paint are the environmental focus of the renovation process.

    "a lot of owners think they bought the furniture is of the highest environmental, national inspection-free product, paint is the highest environmental index, then the whole House not pollution!" An environmental management company officials warned that, even if all the materials used are environmentally friendly, also could not immediately move in, also note that because the additive effects of harmful substances, trace amounts of harmful substances in the furniture, together with latex paint traces of harmful substances, together with plates of trace hazardous substances, on the floor, it becomes a lot of harmful substances.

    3, dry room techniques each have their own shortcomings

    adsorption plant was arguably the most environmentally friendly way of harmful substances, but the plant has enough. "Like everyone says Mozzie doesn't actually exaggerated Mozzie repellent effectiveness! Aloe Vera, green formaldehyde adsorption effect as well. "Wu Li boss a flower, bird and flower market flower, he said each plant adsorption with air conditioning and refrigeration, and space relationships, exceed its ability to range nature cannot play a role.

    so, don't expect a few plants to suck all your home space gas, to antivirus you must know each plant effective absorption area. Who are unlikely to free up space to plant all the antivirus, so plants take harmful substances are only suitable for small-room. Limitations of charcoal activated carbon from coconut shell effects much worse than, it is recommended that when consumers buy, try to choose material of coconut shell.

    according to the testing center staff told reporters that the pollution requires different treatment of different methods, synthetic curtains have chemical treatment of formaldehyde formaldehyde treatment, so it can not be generalized, consumer key is to figure out where their pollution source, and targeted treatment, it is best to combine professional environment and plants, including. So, in front of the governance, use test equipment for the indoor air is very necessary.

    only by professional air sample analysis, accurately according to these pollutants and effective, comprehensive and integrated governance. Therefore, we can not simply in order to save the costs of governance and scientific governance products, be sure to invite governing qualifications of enterprises interior environment governance, governance effect and control technology. Only the total in addition to the source root, to years of real green healthy living within the interior space.

    4, to help decorate the House odor Remover available plants

    newly renovated House, always or thick or thin some odor, how to remove the smell, a lot of ways, the best way is to ventilate the room. If I choose to put some new plants, more help to purify the air. So placing plants right?

    spider plant: it is understood that a spider plant also known as "folded cranes", not only in appearance, and adsorption of toxic gases is particularly good. A pot of Chlorophytum 8~10 square metres is equivalent to an Air Purifier in the room, even without the decoration of the room, a pot of Chlorophytum comosum also very beneficial to people's health.

    Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera will absorb the smell, and there is indoor landscaping effect, a long time.

    Cactus: most plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day, at night, on the contrary. Cactus, Tiger Orchid, Sedum, Aloe Vera and spider plants are absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. These plants are very easy to survive.

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