Moving home buyers may not know what

    1, first select an auspicious, and then moved. Selecting an auspicious day, and be careful not to rush gram to the position, is home to members of the zodiac. Moving to the duration in the forenoon, noon called Yang, after noon is called yin. In Yang's move as far as possible. If combining trigrams determines the exact hour that is icing on the cake.

    2, enter the premises empty-handed. Move of the day, when I walked in for the first time, must get some valuable things in hand. Holding m barrels, passbook, or equipped with 138 Yuan (life) red envelope, which is the first of a new House, can not go empty-handed. Said the home in the future will be very full, wealth more and more meaning.

    prepare seven treasures, and household supplies. When a date is selected, you must prepare the "seven treasures". What is the seven treasures? Is firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, seven treasures representing the mascot and a new bowls, chopsticks, broom, bucket with red on the paper, together with those to be moved into the new House, this representative must advise the spirits in the House, said it was moving into a House, ghosts, please leave. Each if a small packet of seven treasures, and on each of the seven treasures a photo of red paper the size of ten Yuan, brought into the House on the auspicious day, and can be put on the coffee table in the living room or the kitchen.

    3, to be physically present and moving things. Select an auspicious day, after everything is, you can start moving! Process must be kept in a happy mood, not angry. To be physically present when moving, not only the principal to help move. Personally moving, things to know, it can't come off.

    when I first participated in the funerals of others, don't move within a week; a pregnant woman must be moved, you can ask pregnant women to stay home for a while back, after moving into the new House. Pregnant women not to take part in the whole process of moving as much as possible. Best in three days to move all the furniture, so as not to move to Taiqi backfired and with a new broom sweeps before moving furniture. Others needed some coins, Yu Liangchen, stepped into the House to the gate, I read: the feet come in, bring in wealth, and coins scattered on the ground, I read: all gold: fortune, money filled the Hall, and then seven treasures and some of the previously prepared position. Before you start moving old furniture and so on.

    4, baimenshen. After moving out, the door first thing to do is to worship God, keeper of the first two new stickers, pasted on the door, said the family has guarded door God, dirt is not easy to come in, when you worship God, be sincere, say: "God bless the whole family safe."

    5, soothe the nerves. Soothe is a items is important and professional of things, best please professional of teacher Lai an seat best, sacrifice Shi to General deities pigment fruit can, about is of, can prepared red turtle, and peach, and Red round the 12 a, and birthday noodles XV package, and five fruit, and has shell peanut, and longan dry the a bowl, and red beans, and mung bean, and black beans, and spent bean, and soybean the a bowl, please ancestors bless home in the peace.

    6, thanks to the Foundation. In Feng Shui, Treasury of kitchen tube woman, living room a man's face, the hostess wanted to smooth, you can't ignore this step. Prepare rice, a bowl of vegetables, chicken legs, Hugin, mows the gold one, worship in the kitchen or at the gate, when the Foundation is blessed of the Lord, keeping children obedient, and daughter-in-law Mu husband and eternal love.

    7, bed (can be moved before or can be). Beds are moved must-do moves, Ann bed best please teacher placement day best, first to prepare for ten ten-Yuan coins, use salt water washed over, wipe dry. Bed, ten coins in hand, his hands clasped together, read "Please protect me" hand laid out ten evenly on the left, that is, five, and then read "perfect", and coins into the bed, bed steps have been completed.

    8, the same day or after dinner. Dinner is on the day of arrival, if was too busy on the day after election day treat. Or, after moving into a new home, often invite friends to tea also available. More popular at home. Moved into the same day, if not completely live in the new home, appropriate lights open all the night until the next day, to allow natural gas continued until dawn.

    9, round the fire, moving to a new House is a joyous occasion to celebrate, I believe many people would invite friends and family to get together at home, essential element is to be ready and a small stove or cooked dumplings in the pot in the kitchen please family and friends, on behalf of rich, happy and lucky. Moving day "stoves" must be fired, not cold stove. Can cook some sweet things, like sweet dumplings or sweet tea, eat something sweet, and a beaming.

    10, into a House not built construction. Not before they moved, as far as practicable to cubicles, hammering, where you want to do can be. Once after you move in and try to stop building construction. Moving things. If you want to do, be sure to date.

    11, new housing estates to "fire temple". Before you moved in the first three days, the home of the lights are all on, lit for three days and three nights. You move in on the third day, which is called fire temple. Meant for three days and nights, the fire took, Mong Kok, on the one hand, the family began to flourish. Air circulation on the one hand, again so bad ask him to go away. "Fire temple" refers to in front of the House, to make some similar fire on land not yet ground-breaking ceremony.

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