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    a lot of people think the move is to choose a good day and good time, move in directly on the line. If you also have contact moving company, Shijiazhuang Tel this idea, then you'll definitely want to easily move. Because we select auspicious day auspicious times is a must, but it is not the most important, the most important thing is cleaning up, also known as SA NET or Mong, and some also called Mong Kok, Mong Kok corner or octagonal.

    cleaning up most people only know one of them buzhiqier. Cleaning up has two purposes, first was Phantom was sent to stay at a new location information from your new home, please go; the second was that before you move into a new House, dedicated to the land here is God of gods and passing. To the gods and the last, Hello, I'm so moved here to live, give you God last for today, token of good faith. Want to move in, not push the gods, so as not to offend the gods. One can get the God Almighty, b can take the power of the gods to you, your home, don't let the outside of the various ghosts home Yin evil to harass you, of keeping your family safe and your business prosper.

    there are a lot of people not cleaning up when moving, ghosts do not have to drive out of her new House to move in, then victimized by ghosts, some are not cleaning up, not available to say hello to the new home of the gods, rashly moved accidentally rammed the gods, gods blame also gains an evil curse. So many people wanted to move to a new house walk-want games, results moved anyway, after the fire. That's why.

    when it comes to cleaning up is a tradition of the Chinese people, but with the changing times and some were indifferent, methods of cleaning up are gradually lost. So now there are a lot of people don't even know there is such thing as cleaning up.

    in real life many people no longer value or cleaning up this ceremony, but style of water and the fairy people can't afford not to know. Regardless, litang, and more moving, geomancy, exorcism, is cleaning up first. Not cleaning up, definitely not a qualified Xian road, Feng Shui master and disciple.

    many methods of cleaning up, the most common is to use whole grains of cleaning up. Cereals vary, we used are rice, millet, sorghum, mung bean, black bean (namely, white, yellow, red, green and black colors, so there are five lines). Rice, glutinous rice, glutinous rice can be evil. Do not plant rice in the North, so the North evil General mung beans. Better than rice.

    preparation before cleaning up cereals 32. (Rice, millet, sorghum, mung bean, black bean. ), Water, white wine, red cloth with three cups with three cups three feet, large bowl, red paper, bread number eight and sandalwood.

    methods: mixed with grains evenly packed and open all the doors and Windows of the room, from the Interior to the door and throw grains, while sub side saying: this House has a main, warning the Quartet, which, when to move. Grains, generation support, House of God in place, other avoidance!

    has been over the entrance door the door so far.

    next to the kitchen, and tiled in red paper on the stove, then put the remaining grain in large bowl and put the Bowl on the red paper so, wine, water, steamed buns are placed neatly on the red paper, incense (three or nine), lifted up. Man above her, a woman above her chest. Light boom: God has been to, kitchen in place! Then, both hands and insert them in a large bowl.

    incense, the best is back out of the House, if it is not convenient, stay indoors, but don't make any noise. After the incense burning, close all doors and Windows, and offerings can be planted at this time. Bread consumption can also be disposed of together with the wine, water, cereal grains, cereals can be sprinkled on the ground to stay for some time, pack before moving off into the House, and is ready to be processed. After the appeals process is complete, fold straps from the Red Cross hanging on the entrance door outside door, after 3rd down. If it is moved, it is best to put a string of firecrackers. This method of cleaning up ordinary people can use, is a generic method. Set off fireworks is a suggestion, and not individuals.

    I particularly want to draw attention to one point here is: when you dispose of used items such as incense and offerings, don't just pack up and threw into the trash, most people will do it, said 99% 's going to do. I'll tell you what--you threw into the trash, you might be out of luck, may be bad for a while, may you never luck go. Many people are moving out threw offerings into the trash, nothing good, results from this will start in trouble, doing what is not suitable, do what is impossible. Family illness, bankruptcy, car accident or light, came after another. Why not throw into the trash? We are all wise men, to think about it. Here I can only tell you how to correctly handle your used offerings: you can eat, you can eat, it's good for you, can increase you want shipped, this is why cleaning up also called Mong Kok corner. Can't eat or don't want to eat, you can get outside, throw in the absence of, or ghosts to enjoy various animals. All in all not throw trash. Garbage is filthy, offering what can be lost in a filthy place?

    cleaning up called Ataka, sense, it is expelled outside the ghost of Anton's Ghost, which is God, and this ceremony is the sovereignty of God announced to the Quartet, while warning the Ghost: in this House who are under our protection. Precisely because of the ghost of protection we can peacefully live outside without a ghost infestation. Past "no ghost house people" is the truth.

    NET after a new home, you will be able to move in, you can then developed Mong Kok Wan, at least you won't survive a disaster and the greatest natural waste.

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