Refrigerators, computers move attention

    washing machines, computers have become one of life's essential electrical appliances, at present, the washing machine computer into many of the homes of ordinary people. Move what skill do you note it?

    1, laundry facilities handling tips: try not to drop in the handling process, with heavier weights, manufactured taking into account the long distance transport, packaging settings to the vertical fixation, laying down will affect its normal role, may damage the casing. For many consumers, will think that washing machine buy a home even if done. In fact is not, for washing machines, inspection is essential for an important part, especially washing machines. Come and look at the washing machine inspection four major areas in need of attention.

    2, Visual inspection after the move a washing machine, open the package, see the appearance and observe the whole body paint is smooth and glossy; glazing-transparent clear, there are no cracks, scratches; feature selection and all knobs are flexible.

    test 3, washing machines, testing machines, connected to the power supply, first switch on the washing machine control, and under clothing (6 ~7). At this time, led lights, machine drum begins to turn, and in a State of intermittent positive work. Note If the noise is too large. Import pump valve

    4, check the washing machine sealing, shutting down after about a minute, and then open the machine door. Watch the door seal rubber for elastic and should not be ignored, such as lack of flexibility may be caused by water leaking from the door.

    computer electronics, much attention must be taken in handling, you may accidentally, it damaged a part of the computer. Moving moving company to do computer can find XI ' an. And another is the homeowner to ready the computer data. All documents in your floppy or zip file, do not put the floppy disk in a box truck. Myself to carry these things, so as to avoid hot or cold spell of the truck on the way to destroy them. If you have to pack the shipment, make sure that generates a magnetic field away from the television, stereo and other electrical appliances.

    If you still have when purchasing a computer dedicated boxes and materials used. If not, use foam block installed, add extra insulation in sturdy box (such as styrofoam, rugs, corrugated paper, etc), on all sides of the box marked "fragile items--computer" message.

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