Moving goods

    less-than-carload goods transport

    1. refrigerated heated cargo transport of goods;

    2. provides limited vehicle handling of goods (Mount railway approved use of explosives except for the safe carriage of goods);

    3. likely to contaminate other contamination of goods (after not dirty sanitary treatment of other goods);

    4. bee;

    5. not easy to calculate the number of goods;

    6. activities not fill into container (except with the less-than-truckload freight transportation within the railway administrations approach allows);

    7. a weighing more than 2 tons, volume of more than 3 cubic metres or goods of more than 9 m in length (station think not affect transfer stations or truck operator). Less-than-truckload freight of goods in public workplaces organization, organized direct bulk special railway lines, less-than-truckload, subject to the carriage of goods by railway branch negotiations and sign agreements before processing.

    individual consignments:

    the consignment in accordance with the provisions of the personal belongings of the means of transport of goods. Personal consignments prohibited carrying gold and silver jewelry, heritage crafts voucher, securities, currency and valuables and dangerous goods.

    individual shipment of goods except as provided by bolt hanging tag, graffiti and tag the same marks, shall be put into writing in the packed with AWB recorded arrival of the goods, the consignee name and address of the message.

    less-than-truckload cargo tag, flag:

    less-than-truckload freight tag should use strong materials, tag content and format must comply with the railway uniform format. Using 2 pieces of each package tag, pasted, nailed to the ends of the packaging, respectively. Should not be pasted or nailed bolt hanging method can be used.

    to ensure the safety of freight transport of goods, for the nature of the goods, the shipment should have a different schema flags, logo graphic must be in accordance with the provisions of the national standard-packing and shipping companies graphic mark. Dangerous less-than-carload goods or packing of dangerous goods shall be used. Shipment on original garage not connected with the shipment checked the old logo, the shipper must be removed or deleted.

    vehicle cargo transport

    for handling carload traffic conditions: where the weight of the shipment, the nature, volume, shape, you need to 1 or 1 or more truck shipments are transported as goods vehicle condition.

   -vehicle unloading, job, standing inside their handling: shippers the same quantity of goods less than 1 car to arrive, but not in less-than-truckload processing, requires the same line for 2 or a maximum of 3 cargoes to arrive in a car, unloaded the car handling. Truck loading or unloading is not in the public places of loading and unloading, and in the adjacent along the railway line between the two stations is called moderate job. Loading and unloading places and the two stations or loading stations of the cross standing at the station, the cargo handling within the called station.

   -vehicle unloading and cargo operations only by vehicle consignment en route. Dangerous goods handling and the way operators at the station. Shipper when jobs and their handling is required shall be a monthly plan (railway cargo transportation services order) indicated, approval can be made by rail.

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