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Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

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   , ready to work

    1. At least two people or two or more persons (skilled refrigeration mechanic, plus a Deputy);

    2. Refrigeration repair tool set, as well as indoor and outdoor machine fixed with anchors and other materials;

    3. Seat belts a pair.

    second, the steps to disassemble

    1. Recovery of refrigerant

    whether it is winter or summer transfer machine, you must collect the refrigerant in the air conditioner outdoor unit. Teardown should be started before air conditioning, use the remote control to set cooling, compressor 5-10 minutes, cooling correctly, use wrench to unscrew the outer

    the liquid pipe and the gas pipe on the interface CAP, close the high-pressure pipe (small) the cut-off valve, after l minute condensation tube appearance, immediately close the low pressure pipe (thick) Globe valve, fast shutdown, unplug the power plug, using a wrench to tighten insurance CAP, thus recycling the refrigeration

    agent has been completed. (If it is winter, first with a warm towel to cover the temperature sensor of the indoor unit, and then controls cold setting on. )

    or push start button on the indoor unit to boot, with indoor and outdoor observation of whether there were other failures. Avoid trouble after moving the machine.

    2. Remove indoor unit

    refrigerant recycle, removable interior. Using a wrench lock to open the indoor units connected, with sodium prepared sealed Rotary well protect indoor unit connector threads to prevent chipped in the handling connection threads; then the cross removed the line of control. Should also be marked to avoid faulty connection at installation time. If the signal lines or power lines connected to the wrong, will cause the outside unit is not running, or the machine is not under control.

    hanging plate is generally fixed more firmly, more difficult to unload; discharging remove the hanging plates, cement and then patted, correction on plane.

    3. Split outdoor unit

    split outdoor unit shall be guaranteed by the professional refrigeration mechanic safe case removal. Connection lock twist away his mother, sodium prepared sealed Rotary good designer out connector threads. Use wrench loosen the outer foot fixing screw. Demolished and then put down the outdoor machine, better to use a rope to hang, dump and should pay attention to balance, to avoid vibration, bump, and attention to safety.

    should slowly stroking straight outdoor air conditioner takes over, prepared four plugs seal the four ports connecting tube to prevent dust and water from entering the air. On the plug well, then tied with plastic bags, good for easy handling.

    reinstall of the three, air conditioner

    1. Ready to work

    reinstalling the local measurement survey. Outdoor unit installation location should meet the following requirements:

    (1) ground or wall body to can bear body of weight since vibration; (2) installation of parts to easy operation, and adjustment and maintenance; (3) outside machine running Shi occurred of noise and the cold (hot) wind, and condensation water cannot effect others of work, and learning and life; (4) outside machine around cannot has combustible gas leak and explosion real; (5) outside machine as installation Yu back Ming place.

    indoor unit installation location should comply with the following:

    (1) avoid direct sunlight on the unit, away from the heat source, (2) at the machine inlet and outlet should not be obstacles.

    measure the distance between inside and outside. Distance should be less than 5 m between the inner and outer, more than 5 m should be prepared a new connection copper tube.

    measuring potential difference between inside and outside. Inner and outer potential difference between the distance should be less than 3 meters, or she reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, increasing compressor loads, causing overload starts.

    2. Install

    determined in accordance with these principles, the external position, immediately installed in the machine hangs, stay outside the machine and the machine hangs after installing firm, then smoothed the straight pipe, see if the pipe is bent flat, followed by Bell is cracked at both ends should be checked, if cracks should be flared again, otherwise it will leak and fluorine. Finally, check the control line for short circuit, open circuit, after you determine the line, the line of control, good outlet, connecting them banding together and sealed well. Over the wall when two people inside a wall, fit on the slow wearing out, avoid injury; connect the pipes with internal and external units, and connect the control line.

    then, excluding pipes and air within the machine. Method is such; (1) put connection good of outside machine joint twist tight (fine), with dedicated wrench release as valve of valve Rod 1 circle around; (2) heard outside machine joint (rough) Squeak sound, 30 seconds around, with sheet metal hand twist tight (rough) joint; (3) release (rough) tube Shang wearing check valve of valve rod; (4) completely release (fine) tube Shang as valve of valve rod. The end of the emptying of the apoptosis of temporal and spatial.

    Finally, the detergent leak, observing each connector has no bubbles emerge, once after the system is leak-free, screw the valve protecting CAP, try to boot to run.

    3. Run debug

    air conditioner is installed, and should be supported for an independent air conditioner using the power lines, home of split type air conditioning power supply line there ф 1. 5-2 (mm) 23 strands of copper wire. Socket 220V, 15A.

    power check the voltage before, and then starts running with the remote control. Outdoor work, check whether the current line with the nameplate marking, such as smaller than the current nameplate marking can be seen as small amount of freon, not eager to add fluoride may continue to observe the pipe joints of dew or frost.

    any of the split air conditioner run correctly, the following conditions: (l) low pressure 4. 9kg/cm2-5. 4kg/cm2, (2) connecting only condensation, not frosting, (3) current is not consistent with the nameplate marking (4) within the machine outlet temperature meets the requirements, namely summer (12,116) ℃ winter (35-40) c. The indoor temperature, summer 25-28, winter (18-23) c.

    4. Add refrigerant

    move in air conditioner machine, as long as it's controlled operations specifications to do, after the boot operation cooling good, do not need to add refrigerant. But for the use of micro-leaks in or transfer machines due to slow emptying, the refrigerant will trace to reduce, or because of factors such as moving pipes in long, air conditioner runs for some time cannot meet the 4 conditions of normal operation, the pressure of less than 4. 9kg/(mm) 2 pipe frosting; current; the machine outlet temperature does not conform to, it would have to add refrigerant.

    operation of fluoridation, must be from the low pressure side raise. Before fluoridation, first unscrew the outdoor unit on the low pressure gas valve repair process of CAP, according to the public and British to choose the heating pipe; heating pipe with thimble end, thimble on the gas valve to open and communicated with the refrigeration system, other end of tee sheet. With a heating pipe end of the three-way table, virtual connection on the other end of R22 gas bottles and refrigerant discharge pipe of the air in the system. Hear creak nozzle l-2 seconds, indicating that the air out, tighten the heating pipe nut, open the refrigerant cylinder valve. Cylinder head, slowly add fluoride. When the gauge pressure (4. 9-5.4) kg/(cm) at 2 o'clock that refrigerant has been sufficient. Close the cylinder valve so that air conditioners continue to run, current, pipe condensation, when outdoor unit pipes without end

    dew flows, low pressure pipe (thick) valve dew, after confirming the system is in good condition, remove LP gas repair technology of heating pipe, screw the insurance Cap outside, and charge refrigerant has been completed. At this point, moving all over.

    Note: the air conditioning complex disassembly and Assembly procedures, not ordinary people can accomplish. I have a professional company to provide door-to-door service, as long as you a call, we do it!

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