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Factory relocation

Factory relocation

    orders: specialist customer advice, detailed records of customer service and requirements:

    relocation of goods moved from somewhere to somewhere;

    the required handling of the species (such as: furniture, machinery and equipment, etc);

    there is no higher value or fragile items;

    oral quotation:

    by the customer after the introduction if not move furniture or equipment required is a small move, customers can verbally articulate, orders staff according to company bid price standard for customer calls, both sides agreed to set a verbal agreement or contract.

    door estimate:

    for moving large companies and factories or family have to move large number of furniture items, equipment, belongs to bulk move, the company can be assessed by professional salesman, free home relocation of statistical goods number;

    specific provides a relocation plan for customer selection, and inform the removal of a particular object in notes;

    required to inform the relocation of services provided and the overall cost of meeting Commission.

    signing the contract:

    site assessment may agree after the relocation, without relocation contract doubts to representatives of both sides at once.

    implementation of the relocation:

    in accordance with customers ' options for an auspicious day auspicious times, the company required relocation of number, assign the right vehicles and personnel to arrive.

    need to be removed moving furniture items, split by a professional packaging to avoid articles on the way;

    for high value, fragile items, reasonable loss prevention can be customized by Carpenter wood frame, to ensure the safety of items reaches.

    guidance, supervision on site:

    for the entire removal process, we have professional full guide and supervise to avoid scratches, damage to goods.

    value-insured transportation:

    in the process of moving and transport, if there are any furniture or equipment damage caused accidentally, we will contact a person responsible for compensation, hand tracking in transit, so that feedback.

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