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Unit relocation

Unit relocation

   , office relocation plan:

    according to enterprises required to provide full or partial relocation, and the nature of the enterprise and put forward matters needing attention in the relocation process, and submit detailed relocation plans to enterprise

    1, migration certificate

    according to the scale of relocation of companies and time combine (MMC) diagnose the relocation experience of enterprise relocation plan, and to update equipment, out of scrap with a reasonable proposal, and assist enterprises to manage files, device management solution.

    2, removal instructions

    related message for instructions for you to understand, in a program of professional migration job under, without affecting the production safety of enterprises and quickly complete migration thing.

    II, package management experts

    packaging can also make household items that you want to sort it? Moving labels, can assist you with effective classification, together with subregional notes marked, you can easily find what you are looking for items and unpacking in place.

    c, office relocation process

    1, determine the removal date and time

    2, preparation of plans for the new Office and planning articles

    3, informed the manufacturer moved to the new place, telephone number and date

    4, finishing possessions are boxed and packaged

    5, computer and phone disassembly

    6, OA office furniture removal

    7, staffed guard, ready to move

    8, direct handling, positioning the Cabinet Office data

    9, OA office furniture installation

    10, computer and telephone wiring installation

    11, public and private box positioning

    12, carton packaging recycling

    four and points for attention

    1, plan to color, is simple and straightforward.

    2, items marked code, than with the words simple and convenient.

    3, Office moves more professional than the average family moved, not simply moving fees as decided to use a moving company.

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