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Moving notice schedule

    moved out has to ahead of do prepared work, also to note moved of time, because moved company General are is used truck, for employers moved of, but Shijiazhuang traffic sector has provides, truck five o'clock in the afternoon ban passage, night nine o'clock zhihou passage, so reminded prepared moved friends to save you of time and not necessary of costs please ahead of contact moved company, for you arrangements moved vehicles, guarantee you can smooth moved!

    small King is real of Shijiazhuang people, in Shijiazhuang life has fast 30 years, is due to work of stable, and life of stable has never didn't moved had home, also not know moved is how moved of, this encountered national demolition engineering, small King of House on in plans within, so faced of is moved, as moved small King really of is experience are no, so to last make out has small King home of moved anecdotes.

    causes is small King is in units inside work of, just this days moved not in weekend, in week two, so only until small King work yihou to work, small King to can earlier moved completed, on please has 2 hours of fake, usually is 5 o'clock work, this when only three points should soon on can moved finished, again plus new home across have also not too far, drive on 20 minutes around, so all are forecast good has, just later occurred of things really of in forecast zhiwai.

    small King home of moved anecdotes is later moved company to has, according to small King on Shijiazhuang moved company of description so sent of is truck, but small King on goods of volume completely no concept, so moved company of truck small has points, until finished small King home of goods yihou on decided must truck run two times to moved finished, small King also not understand truck of into city and out city time, also didn't asked had moved company of employees is has what overtime and work fee,, Certainly in moved company this party is not said too more, compared this is on itself has benefits of, so to has 5 points yihou truck on cannot go has, to this when small King on feel is strange asked what car not moving has, on parking road, later listening to moved company of workers said truck 5 o'clock yihou on cannot into city has, to 9 points yihou times to go, then let small King smile shall not, especially to last checkout of when also more out more than 100 more Yuan of overtime, costs, most depressed of is small King and driver in road white, has 4 hours, Late move, Wang's moving anecdote really is a lesson, hope to give more people a cautious, especially moving experience of customers, be sure to pay attention to.

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