Moving notice

Don't take cheap moving companies

    "because rental house expire immediately, and does not intend to remain here. Does anyone know the moving company, I do not know how to find them, in fact, there is little, if not for a washing machine and I too can move slowly. ”

    1 month ago, urban residents Zheng Nan Xin Zhuang to Jingqi road, 1 community moving, moving company is his ad links posted in the corridor. Mr CHENG to the moving company quote over the phone after handling items detailed in the registration form, the other said two trucks will be able to take initial costs 150 yuan each, no longer have to pay other expenses.

    movers to his old house looked after lap they call too much, plus two cars can fit. "This initial costs 300 yuan, but I found out later, they deliberately left a box filled with appliances for major gaps, or two cars can fit completely. "

    community danyuanlou lift, workers made goods per vehicle charge 10 Yuan "duplication", each floor collection 10 "floor", the appliance charge 10 yuan per piece "artificial"...... "and I refused, those workers ' situation turned to go.

    moving is blessing, I don't want to look so ominous, had to call them back, they asked for money. Finally, I gave them a total of 900 Yuan, twice more than the good price.

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