Moving notice

Moved financial summary

    1, and because original of city belongs to small city, so prices cheap, especially home away from wholesale market also has Street,, are very of near, and clothes cheap, so really of buy has many of cheap of clothes, so this pack of when, really of has many is more than 10 Yuan or more than 20 Yuan buy of clothes, are because wearing not comfortable or quality too times, no through several back, some even brand are didn't cut off, also some are has forget has, Pick up several times, I suspect that I bought it, the answer is Yes, of course. Are these clothes, and of course will not be wearing, but in the past days, I always feel at home was too small, in fact, they take up a lot of room, but for the move, packing out threw away the cruel, the useless clothing I would have been down, life, think are terrible.

    2, seemingly full of home, there really is something too many are of no use, in subsequent days, be sure to finish, will things cleared up, not to let them take a place.

    3, and buy clothes, and shoes must to insisted comfortable first, this didn't willing to threw, and wear of up of is himself think comfortable of clothes and shoes, each quarter season transform Shi, has three sets around similar of clothes change on enough has, actually although each quarter Shi are took out many sets Dang quarter of clothes, dang season Shi, actually found many are fundamental didn't Shang had body does, often wear of is that 2, and 3 body's.

    4, and children's clothes, you can buy a more expensive, less those too cheap is really ugly.

    5, and I have a problem, like bedding, bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow cases and towels, blankets etc, and not only take up space, and it really became my burden.

    may be restricted by the economic conditions at that time, dozens of sheets, quilt cover, well liked, bought, but now wants to buy some good, there are so many new, original, like and don't like, send people seem reluctant. Entangled, so it will be easy to use buy now.

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