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Relocation of companies and equipment handling

    enterprise has an overall plan before moving, moving company, Shijiazhuang Advisory after a phone call to a detailed plan, as the process moved even a complicated thing. As a business development for so many years, there are always some accumulate things, organize and practice is different. Factory relocation and moving in general but also there is a big difference.

    enterprises looking for a relocation company, will choose a large, experienced, professional, management end of formal logistics companies, so as to ensure the relocation process safe, efficient, material properties are not lost. Regular relocation companies to protect the client's interests as much as possible, a move also has a reasonable plan to ensure relocation efficient and orderly.

    implementation of relocation included.

    1, inventory equipment listing, list.

    2, the focus of moving their equipment requirements and implementation time, special equipment to arrange for special vehicles.

    3, carry out personnel management, staff, materials management, and vehicle management.

    to move only the detailed division of labour, compact convergence, can guarantee the overall operation of the fast, simple, and no security incidents.

    printing press equipment relocation points

    printing press works

    modern printing press by version, Tumo, press printing, paper (including folding) and other mechanical components. It of work principle is: first will printing of text and image made printing version, loaded in press Shang, then by artificial or press put ink coated enough Yu printing version Shang has text and image of place, again directly or indirect to turned printing to paper or other printer real (as textiles, and metal Board, and plastic, and leather, and wood, and glass and ceramic) Shang, to copy out and printing version same of print. Invention of the printing press and development plays an important role for the spread of human civilization and culture.

    classification of press

    1, letter press: reliefprintingpress ... done using the letterpress printing machine. Such as business cards (resin), type print, zincograph, number words, etc.

    2, offset press: planographicpress ... done using the offset printing machines. Such as color, four color, color, monochrome machine, high speed printing presses and so on.

    3, rotogravure: intaglioprintingpress. completed using intaglio printing machine. Glass bag printing like instant noodles, biscuits of the foil bag packaging.

    4, screen printing machines: screen-processprintingpress. using the screen print process machine. Porous printing: printing, cloth flowers such as screen printing, circuit board printing, Tin Ming printing, printing, local and so on.

    relocation of press notes

    1, removal of equipment before moving water, electricity, oil, gas and power lines.

    2, before the work, clean up the debris site and equipment access, to facilitate the removal job go smoothly.

    3, lifting the former, must find lift, load test, ensure security before the official lifting.

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