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Factories relocation programme and matters needing attention

    factory moved to a business, safety is always first, and most basic, involved in the process of the security problem is the safety and security equipment Assembly and disassembly as well as property. Heads of departments and all employees must be safe as the core, carry out the work, responsibility to the people, a clear division of labor.

   , ready to work

    1, announced the relocation of the schedule in a timely manner, before moving to mobilize (safety, production, life) to be in place.

    2, the Division of personnel should be clear: departments to clear command personnel and coordinating responsibilities and personnel involved in the relocation.

    3, take handling equipment as well as disassembly of protective measures to be put in place (helmets, safety lines, ladders, etc)

    4, handling tools to verify, problematic to timely maintenance.

    5, internal handling larger devices and to develop safety measures for barrels of oil, hazardous waste disposal is environmentally friendly and legal and regulatory requirements.

    6, the relocation of equipment prior to relocation partner security technical disclosure.

    II, equipment, and operational security

    1, moved at the beginning of each Department shall cause a security officer daily site visits found unsafe behavior must be promptly corrected.

    2, equipment removal and access to the new plant during installation and commissioning to strictly follow the safety regulations for electrical construction, stop need to hang a "no closing" sign, and technical measures to prevent transmission, equipment Division equipment of the company officers and manufacturers the safety, technical clarification.

    3, disassembly and transport lines, lines to be protected in the process. When combining equipment disassembly and Assembly, remove the joints, bolts, nuts, pins to twist back and inserted in situ, so as to avoid confusion and loss.

    4, in order to ensure the absolute safety of the equipment, proper removal tools, shall not substitute.

    5, lifting and discharge device may not bump in the process to choose the suitable lifting points slowly hung with care, contact to take protective measures of wire rope and equipment

    6, you should avoid crossing task, Spider-man must wear helmets, carrying belt, belt tie off must conform to the requirements (equipment classes to educate workers)

    7, strict compliance with fire safety requirements, need an open flame operations, must have fire prevention measures, with special care, in flammable, explosive materials around the fire operation is strictly forbidden.

    8, new factory equipment installation must conform to the technical requirements, the operator transformation work, the post to receive education and training.

    third, the property of the

    1, machine tools, Office equipment all electrical installations, drawings and files packaged within shall be counted before registration, fill in the start list, escort personnel upon arrival at their destination, certified by the head of the model number and brand, and ensure the safety of transported goods on the way

    2, precision instruments, Office equipment on and off the light with care, handling and unloading loss prevention needs to be by the person in charge and, if necessary, guide to vehicles.

    3, storage of the finished product to proper precautionary measures when the transport, transport to consider climate change to prevent rain.

    4, article in the new venues needed storage locks are not allowed in open storage, where valuable departments shall cause to be someone on duty, and safety unit contact strengthen preventive force.

    four, people, road traffic safety

    1, all vehicles must comply with the traffic regulations of the transport load, safety lessons for all forklift driver's education.

    2, employees of various departments to the new traffic safety education to be carried out.

    3, staff vehicles into the new plant will be required to park in designated locations

    4, factory motor drives at a speed not exceeding 30 km/h

    5, due to the plant construction has not fully ended, individuals entering a dangerous construction site is strictly prohibited, unless the work needed and take safety precautions before entering.

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