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Tips for moving

    move for each family, moving is a big deal, of sorts, for the friends who work, moving also has impressed everyone. The packaging process and do you have any tips, how to find a qualified moving companies.

   , moving the former packaging

    whether you select a moving company to help you move, finishing packages are needed to complete the process.

    packing supplies: boxes, plastic bags, tape, labels, or pens, tools: such as jiedao, screwdriver and, when used.

    packaged order:

    started before packaging, you can be listed on a "first, back-loaded," basic order tables you use regularly and reach items, top of the recommendations should be packaged in the box:

    1. tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, nails, jiedao, Scotch tape, tape, and so on. Handling during use.

    2. leases, copy of ID card or driving licence.

    3. screwdriver and Cup: tired of loading and unloading goods to drink water.

    4. address book: book handy to be sure that the important phone number.

    5. Socket phone: put in a readily available place, because there are always emergencies they may.

    6. pillow, bedding, towels, cosmetics: to a new home may not have time to unpack the bed.

    7. tow and live without items such as cable should be mounted on the top for convenient access.

    8. cleaning supplies, paper towels, towels when the accident occurred, is sometimes unavoidable.

    9. flashlight or battery light: new home, perhaps it was already dark.

    10. utility knife: tools needed to open the box.

    11. separated from that weight, so that each box is not too heavy, as the book class.

    12. drugs, emergency medicine

    recommended packaging:

    1. put all the boxes are labeled. Fragile labels "fragile items"

    2. enough cash: when we move may be used.

    3. with plastic sheets or plastic bags of clothes from dust, moisture.

    4. encased in a special glass case. STAND ON END plate, not flat. Use tape or foam packing material to protect glass mirrors, glass boxes, paintings or the art of dressing up. In the course of transport, moving company likely will not take responsibility for packaging items were lost.

    II, Shijiazhuang move special articles packing

    plate: plate with bubble plates between cloth or folded newspapers. About 2 to 3 as a group and then bound with poly-bags. In the box set.

    Chopper: made of thick paper sheath, blade wrapped with adhesive. Handle exposed, let a person see is chopper, safer. Vase or bottle: first and then into the box with original box, if loose, please put some of the filler fixed. Even the box in carton, and boxed with other items.

    other considerations for moving:

    pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please bring your own.

    heavy items please bring their own, such as currency, precious metals, securities, gems, seals, passbook, do not pack into the box, be sure to bring their own.

    fresh perishable items, if long time handling should be avoided in case, can control the order size before the move.

    If not boxed articles can contact the professionals of our company, contact the proper way.

    c, Shijiazhuang moving tips article

    1. the name of the object and the new room number marking out of the carton.

    2. finishing and packing for a room at a time (so as not to forget anything in the box).

    3. don't usually use get.

    4. be careful not to put too much too full. (Loading box is easily deformed, may cause damage in the box, in addition, in the stack of boxes may collapse due to imbalance, which is very dangerous)

    5. packing do not have gaps. (If there are gaps in the box, in the box moves, and cause breakage. If you don't watch out there are gaps, to newspapers as a buffer equipment in the fixed box items)

    6. weights small box, big Zoom box.

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