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Factory moving processes and application of moving equipment

    and relocation of families are not the same, ordinary move only need to dial to a moving company, Shijiazhuang Tel, factory, factories moving is a systems engineering, from the original factory location, going alone after moving house decoration is an art.

    1. looking for new plants. The siting of factories and office buildings are different, should be considered to the transportation, utilities, communications and other factors; also sent, crime scene investigation, negotiation, contract, etc. Then, taking into account the equipment relocation, relocation of relocation of machinery lifting and mechanical handling equipment.

    2. Large-scale design and decoration. Including equipment relocation, lifting handling equipment, overall factory move, to the design and decoration of plants on a large scale, and do a field survey and acceptance process.

    3. reasonable purchasing office equipment. Factory moved over, according to the requirements of the new Office, decided to require purchase of office equipment.

    4. ordered configuration factory machinery. The relocation process in a factory, building mechanical systems can be checked, to equipment relocation and relocation of hoisting machinery plant machinery clearly needed additional configuration in the process.

    5. repaired telephone, Internet communication system. Relocation of equipment and factory relocation complete, correctly will have a direct impact on plant operations, so be sure to timely repair of telephone and network communication systems. Now through telecommunications service company to handle the telephone system problems.

    plant relocation as a complex, system engineering, equipment relocation, lifting and handling, mechanical lifting and mechanical handling relocation is the keystone, but can't ignore the factory's location before moving. Only if you choose a good site, can you pass the factory plant development to a new field.

    handling equipment in the factory has a very important role in the process. Plant relocation equipment lifting gear and equipment are needed in all aspects of relocation, so as to enable the relocation of factories and machinery relocation to operate properly. It can be said that relocation of equipment lifting gear and equipment has become the factory security system, removal of the entire small mechanical plays an important role.

    directly affects the quality of factory relocation, equipment handling. Because the device handling is the vertical and horizontal displacements, the goods will be subject to a variety of external forces in the move, such as vibration, impact and compression, it is easy to bring the packaging and damaged goods. Handling equipment in the factory in a certain proportion.

    II, equipment handling directly affect the efficiency of the large and small mechanical removal. In the process of relocation of equipment, the time required to complete a transportation equipment, shipment and the place of loading and unloading time accounted for a large proportion, especially in the short-distance device removal, loading and unloading time is the share of the larger, some even more than means of running time.

    c, equipment handling directly affect the safety of factory relocation. Large and small mechanical removal and relocation of factories handling are mostly large and small mechanical devices, and even some precision instrument, so removal of the equipment lifting gear and equipment in the insecurity of many, in particular dangerous goods, if rules are violated during the loading and unloading process, is likely to cause accidents such as fire and explosion.

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