, phone consulting: someone to receive customer telephone enquiry, a preliminary understanding of the customer moving date, moving route, if you need to supply the cartons, and the availability of valuable items, such as pianos, safes, and so on.

    second, the phone offers: consultation via telephone, if not many have to move furniture, are surveyed about 1~2 live small move, they can use the telephone offers. Verbal agreement was signed.

    three, free home valuation: if companies, factories, large organizations to move large number of furniture items, belonging to the big move, my company has sales, free home evaluation, and relocation advice, exhibits and notes.

    four, sign relocation contracts: after the on-site assessment will be relocated immediately signed the contract.

    five, provide carton: (in addition to complimentary provided at cost price) before they moved, if the customer needs to provide carton, tape and other packing materials are provided at cost price)

    six, on-time: according to the number of furniture items, assign appropriate vehicles and Porter, the auspicious day auspicious times specified by the customer, vehicle arrived.

    seven, positioning service: classification according to customer's furniture items, order on board after arriving at the new home, again according to customer location, fixed places.

   , satisfaction with pay of eight: after the relocation is complete, inspect the goods for any loss and damages, pay to customer satisfaction.

   , damage claims: imprudence in the process of moving furniture or any damage, my company has dedicated engagement claim.