jiaxing Hsing moving service company is a home relocation, corporate relocation, heavy mechanical handling, packaging of goods transfer, bulk transportation, physical distribution, such as the national service of professional handling logistics co., Ltd. Company now has more than 200 employees, all types of cranes, platform hand truck, and large and small vehicles, a total of more than 70 more. Dedicated service to our community! Company in "professional service, security shortcut, reasonable profit, customer first" of business concept, and to "for customer maximum created value" for mission, has long in jiaxing moved, and jiaxing moved company, and jiaxing moved company phone, and jiaxing moved company price, and jiaxing long-distance moved, and jiaxing long-distance moved company, and jiaxing moved company which good service good general public of while, with more than large national enterprise, foreign-funded enterprises, even transnational Enterprise keep good of cooperation relationship, for they of office relocation, Factories, freight delivery provides strong support and become indispensable link in the chain of cooperation across the enterprise!. Our company is strict professionalism and responsibility wins more and more Guangzhou citizens and businesses at home, Guangzhou City, and developed into the largest and most professional moving houses and goods distribution company. By the State industrial and commercial Bureau, Inland Revenue Department trial validation, business license, tax registration certificate. Has many years of experience, in the training of personnel and quality management strictly, once a complete traffic school, the financial Institute, Institute of light industry, mobile communications, agricultural cadre Management College and other institutions did move, long-distance transportation, mechanical lifting services, and complete tasks, establish a good business relationship, Home Economics Association, Jinan received recognition and awards. We learn from experience and progress in learning, leadership team experienced and full of vitality, the team structure, forge ahead in unity and integrated symbiosis with you, hand in hand to create brilliant!


    with advanced technology and satisfactory service for the maximum value of the company's enterprise value, is successful and efficient operation of the business, we focus on technology, providing satisfactory services!

    company training:

    We are people-oriented company we belong, gives us the opportunity and challenges of the times. Hard work, innovation, work toward our common goal!

    business style:

    our industrious dedication, professionalism, good interpersonal relationships, has a strong marketing sense. We treat our customers with enthusiasm and smile every day!